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About Our Store

We are a family-run bookselling business specializing in previously-owned Christian theology books. We are passionate about Christian theology books and constantly search used, out-of-print, hard-to-find and rare titles.

Our business grew out of our experience that many old but good Christian theology books are frequently no longer in print or available to the general public, while newer books have price points that are not readily affordable to the average Christian reader. Because Christian theology books point to the Truth, inspire the human spirit and carry messages of lasting value we strive to bring these books back into general circulation and at prices that are reasonable so that new generations of Christians can re-discover them.

Christian Pages is our hope and prayer that readers will find in the pages of our books what they need as they strive to bring deeper meaning to their Christian Faith in their day to day lives.

Professional Membership

We are proud to be members of:

The Great Lakes Booksellers Association was founded to promote excellence in all aspects of bookselling in the Great Lakes region. Its primary states are Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. The members of GLBA adhere to a strict set of ethical codes and bylaws. The organization sponsors regional forums and conferences to improve the effectiveness of booksellers and forge partnerships among members.

This affiliation allows us to stay current on events in the industry which also helps to provide better service to our customers.

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